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Audiences call him "thought provoking, honest and transparent" with a message that inspires listeners to live in heroic ways.

Chris Muglia Musician and Speaker

Chris Muglia is a speaker and a musician who has a passion for clear, straightforward communication. His sincere style appeals to people who are looking for an honest faith-based message that addresses the reality of everyday life. As a husband of 22 years and a father of 5 children, Chris offers a unique perspective on the ups and downs of marriage and family.

His inspiring songwriting reveals the heart of a humble man who isn’t afraid to admit that he sometimes struggles in his relationship with God. Listeners have come to expect thought-provoking stories in his music, whether he sings about a 17-year-old girl struggling with her decision to keep her unborn baby (Will Somebody Stand?) or the rewards that come from a full-hearted investment in family life (This is Life).

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Chris’ experience of working on staff in Catholic parishes for over 20 years has gained him unique insights into the challenges of effectively communicating our faith. His liturgical music is published by OCP and includes songs such as "Our God is Here," "Lead Us To The Cross," "Do This in Memory of Me," and "Let it Be Done," Although a Baptized Catholic, he did not practice his faith as a child. It wasn't until college that Chris discovered his faith and became a fully initiated Catholic. Chris spent ten years (2002 - 2012) traveling the United States with Sound Mission Ministries, a lay ministry devoted to renewing the family.

In January of 2015 he released “Late Check In,” a collection of 10 vulnerable songs that tell the story of his journey to self awareness and self-discovery. Later that year he released “Be Still,” a prayerful collection featuring some of his best songs that encourage listeners to quietly rest in the presence of their creator.

In 2016 Chris expanded his work to include private mentoring (life coaching) in response to requests from people who seek him out for business advice, strategic life planning, and spiritual direction.

“My goal is simple, to help people move beyond themselves to make their world a better place. Whether through music, public speaking or coaching people one on one, I have the same goal: to help people discover their God-given potential to thrive,” Muglia says.


Our God Is Here

This is Life

I Need A Savior

Lead Us To The Cross

The TJ Waite Story

There By The Grace of God Go I

Discover Chris Muglia's music, and find just what you need to stir your heart and touch your soul.

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  • Prince of Peace Catholic Community

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    12500 Carmel Ave. NE Albuquerque, NM 87122

  • Corpus Christi Catholic Parish - PHX, Arizona

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    3550 East Knox Road, Phoenix, Arizona, 85044 | (480) 893-8770

  • St. Francis Xavier - Phoenix AZ

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    4715 N. Central Ave. Phoenix, Arizona 85012

  • Catholic Men's Conference


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  • St. Mark Catholic Church - Tucson AZ

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    2727 W. Tangerine Road, Tucson, AZ 85742

  • Saint Andrew The Apostle (2 Day Parish Mission)

    Chandler, AZ

    TIME: 6:30pm | COST: Freewill Offering

    3450 West Ray Road, Chandler, AZ 85226

  • Diocese of Phoenix AZ Men's Conference

    Tickets go on sale December 5th, 2016

  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel - Tempe, AZ
    (Private Staff Retreat - Not Open To The Public)

    2121 South Rural Road, Tempe, AZ 85282

  • St. Joseph Catholic Church - Fort Collins, CO (2 Day Parish Mission)

    TIME: 6:30pm | COST: Freewill Offering

    101 North Howes St. Fort Collins, CO 80521

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